My first album, "Sepanjang Jalan Tuhan Pimpin" is officially OUT NOW.


I have been so overwhelmed with the responses, all the messages, all the thank you's and the testimonies on how the Album has blessed the listener personally, how it really speaks to them in the midst of great struggle.

But, indeed, God works in His mysterious ways, & His grace alone has carried me through to this day. I gave back to Him for all the ‘thank you’s & the testimonies I have received, because truly,

"It's all for Christ & all through Christ,

only what's done for Christ will last."

I always say to people that may this Album be a blessing to each of them personally.

But more than that, I pray may this be the song of your heart, a heart that seeks Christ first & everything else second; a life that is built on the foundation of His great Love; a willingness to submit & obey Him, to follow Him wherever He is calling you.


Stefanie Limanputri

“Hidup hanya satu kali,

itupun akan segera berlalu,
Hanya apa yang dilakukan bagi Kristus

akan tinggal selalu.
Dan di akhir hayatku,

betapa girang jiwaku,
Jika api hidupku sudah habis terbakar,

hanya untuk Tuhanku.” 

"Sepanjang jalan Tuhan pimpin, itu cukup bagiku..."

Copyright © 2017 Stefanie Limanputri

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